Hoppy Easter, everybunny!! Lame? Let’s roll with it anyway. It’s about 10:45am right now and I was trying to wake up early so I could go get Easter eggs and candy from the store. I was going to do an Easter egg hunt for my fiancée and her sister because we’re so mature. We’re all too old for it, but she was talking about how her dad used to do it for her and seemed really nostalgic about it. I can’t seem to find the will to get up and buy the supplies, though. I really don’t want to get dressed and have to deal with people. I think I might have social anxiety or something. I was also going to surprise her with some Chick fil a breakfast, but that ends in 12 minutes. Actually, I think I’m just going to get up and go. Be right back!

So, I just rushed over to Chick fil a not even realizing it’s Easter Sunday. My entire topic. Ugh, oh well. I went ahead and got the supplies for the Easter egg hunt. I feel like they’re both going to inhale deeply for a few seconds only to release a quick “no.” I’ve decided my plan B is going to just eat the candy and return the eggs. Or maybe keep the eggs for next year. Maybe I just need a kid. I have so many fun ideas and no one to enjoy them as much as I do!

Anyway, the Adam Sandler show was great! It was his Here Comes the Funny Tour, which I think is actually going to be on Netflix. Maybe I will be in it! Of course, the world’s tallest man was sitting in front of me. My neck hurt after the show from laying on my shoulder so I could see. It was pretty great overall. We were 8 rows back, but I wish we were closer. This drunk chick walked in front of the stage and my fiancée got super jealous. She’s literally still talking about it as I’m typing right now.

It’s 2:20pm now and I wanted to do the Easter egg hunt at 3pm, but we have so much to do before Easter dinner at my grandmother’s house tonight. It’s probably not going to happen, so I’m pretty bummed about that. I bought these really cute see through eggs that look like chickens. I think we’re going to get into the pool now though. I’m not super bummed because I’m still spending time with my boo. I just realized I meant to pick up some pool noodles at the store and I forgot. Man.


Author: AyeKayCee

I like to think I'm funny sometimes.

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