“Guess what time you have to work on Monday!” my boss said to me with a huge grin on his face. I countered the enthusiasm with a monotone look that told him I couldn’t care less. “4am!”

This was on Thursday. What a way to start a weekend, looking forward to the longest Monday in history.

No, it actually wasn’t that bad. I woke up at 3am to my rooster singing and then my cats chimed in with the song of their people. My alarm was set for 3:25am, but I woke up anyway and stared at the ceiling wondering which one of my life choices brought me to this point. My cats sat at the end of the bed staring at me as if they stared hard and long enough, food might just appear. I eventually got up, fed them, and got ready to start the day.

My first stop was McDonald’s to get coffee, but when I stopped at the speaker, no one answered. I thought it was a 24hr McDonald’s. I sat there for a minute longer hoping, like my cats, if I stared long enough, I might get food. I scanned the parking lot…no cars. Ugh. Just my luck. Then, it happens. A voice speaks to me and I realize my cats’ method works! The voice mumbles something, but it doesn’t sound like the usual, “welcome to McDonald’s, can I take your order?” So I sit for a few seconds and then I reply, “wait, what?” The voice speaks again, only this time to deliver disappointment. “We’re cash only right now.” No way! I never carry cash and the pocket change I had in my car, I just deposited in my bank account because it was getting to be too much (a whole $4.03, mostly in quarters). You’ve got to be kidding me. Well, that’s awesome. I say, “nevermind.” And I leave. I sulked almost the whole way to work. “How am I going to stay awake?” I ask myself. I looked around for anything that was open and quick. I pulled into Steak and Shake hoping to fulfill my body’s thirst for caffeine. I look at the menu and decide to get a Redbull and a Frisco Shooter (is that supposed to be capitalized? Actually, I don’t even care at this point.) I wasn’t sure if it was too early for breakfast anyway. It was like in the middle like din-fast. When I pull up to the window, this bold, loud, friendly character pops her head out, handing me my Red bull. She says, “breakfast of champions! Are you trying to stay awake to get home?” And I was like, “no, I’m actually just going into work now.” And she said, “well that’s no fun! What do you do?” So I told her I stocked sunscreen and she said, “oh, yeah! Because we all need sunscreen at 4 o’clock in the morning.” We laughed and talked for a minute and then we got to the part where she turned out to be my friend’s mom. She made me laugh a lot and my dismay for going into work at 4am turned into excitement just by a short conversation. It’s pretty incredible how something so small and seemingly insignificant can not only brighten, but make a person’s day. I wonder how many people I’ve talked to and made their day a little brighter. One thing (I don’t know why…it doesn’t even matter how hard I try [brownie points if you get the reference]) I find myself doing is seeing a person and wanting to give a compliment, but I’m too chicken shit to do it. I psych myself up and then I decide it sounds weird or it’s not worth it.  I hate that and I wish I could just say “screw it” and walk up and compliment them. It’s the stupidest thing and then I think about it all day and wonder what was so hard about just saying, “hey, I like your shoes.” Or, “hey, you look great today!”

Anyway, I worked for 12 hours, then came home and let my chickens out. Here is a picture of my chickens:

From left to right: PeneloPete, Chickira, and Jimmy Tallon.

Pete was Penelopeep then one day he crowed and now he’s PeneloPete. He’s a little shit and he chases the outside cat, Stripes. This is Stripes:

She is bipolar and will let you know when she’s had enough of the petting.

Anyway, so the Easter egg hunt didn’t happen. I can’t remember if I wrote that in my entry or not from yesterday. We ended up going to my grandmother’s house for a little family dinner. It was pretty great!

I don’t have anything else to say right now, so see y’all tomorrow! 🙂


Author: AyeKayCee

I like to think I'm funny sometimes.

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